Welcome to Quantumzyme

Quantumzyme is a Biotransformation company aiding Green and Clean Chemistry. Focused on customer centric contract research, Quantumzyme is engaged in design and delivery of cutting-edge solutions for Biocatalysis, Enzyme Engineering, with increased multi-fold enzyme activity, selectivity and specificity

Welcome to Quantumzyme

Quantumzyme is one of the fastest growing Enzyme Engineering firms working towards clean and green biotransformation. Based out of Bangalore, India, it has spanned customers across India, USA, Europe and Japan. Focused on customer centric specific requirements, Quantumzyme is engaged in design and delivery of cutting-edge solutions for Biocatalysis with increased multi fold activity, selectivity and specificity.

Targeted approach

Structural information of enzyme when available, can allow to TARGET specific residues in direct contact with the substrate or near the active-site cavity for mutagenesis, in order to increase it activity, efficiency.

Enhanced value

Enzymes (biocatalysts) are mainly biological molecules which have the ability to influence a reaction. Enzyme engineering deals with enhancement of enzyme activity of existing enzyme or inducing a new enzyme activity.

Designer enzyme

Rational redesign and directed evolution, or a combination of the two has proven to be successful in obtaining enzyme of desired properties in pharma, biotech, brewery, textile, chemical, dairy, tannery, food processing and other process intensive industries.

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  • Oct

    bioLIVE & CPhI worldwide

    bioLIVE is a unique event within the biopharma industry takes place from 9-11 October at IFEMA in the vibrant city of Madrid. bioLIVE unites biotechs, big pharma and service providers across the whole value chain in large molecules

    CPhI Offers unparalleled networking opportunities, cost-effective supplier sourcing and a comprehensive content programme. Running adjacent to bioLIVE, at CPhI you can combine business with culture & fun

    We look forward to meet you at booth number 12c32

  • Sept

    InCoB 2018

    17th annual International Conference on Bioinformatics (InCoB 2018) will be held at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi on September 26 – 28, 2018. InCoB organized by Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Network (APBIONET, has become one of the largest bioinformatics conferences in the Asia-Pacific region. This annual conference showcases the latest research and technologies in all areas of bioinformatics, and in recent years has been attended by practitioners from both biology fields and computing backgrounds in the Asia-Pacific region.

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