What we do

Quantumzyme aims to enable customers harness the power of the enzymes by applying cutting edge technologies developed with scientific rationale


Biocatalysis is catalysis in living (biological) systems. In biocatalytic processes, natural catalysts, such as protein enzymes, perform chemical transformations on organic compounds. Both enzymes that have been more or less isolated and enzymes still residing inside living cells are employed for this task.

Harnessing the power of enzymes

Enzymes have significant advantages over conventional chemical catalysts. The enzymes are highly specific in catalyzing the transformation of only one specific substrate to yield a unique product. In a very few exceptional cases, the enzymes have two or more substrates to react with and to produce a unique product. The power of enzymes relies on their precise three-dimensional structures which ultimately decides selectivity, specificity and activity. Though, design of enzymes from first principles is still an unrealized dream, however, we, at Quantumzyme are capable to customize the enzymes that suits your industrial needs.


The core Strength of Quantumzyme is in it's QM and MM based "QZyme Workbench" blended with advanced IT features that offers a one stop solution for specific biocatalysis requirements.

Quantumzyme Capabilities

We understand your enzyme. We help you redesign your enzyme for enhanced activity and to sustain at extreme conditions.

In one of our recent studies, we have designed an enzyme based on the customer requirement and have shown 150 fold increased activity in normal conditions.

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