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Engineering high performance enzymes

We are a biotechnology company offering ecologically sustainable biological solutions to different industries. We cater solutions to the pharmaceutical, fragrance and flavours, food and textile industries among others. Our commitment is to provide an improved enzyme and tailor it according to the need of the process.

Our Services

Enzyme discovery:

Enzyme discovery is the process of identifying a promising enzyme to catalyse a specific reaction. Traditionally most of the industries use toxic metal catalysts, high temperature and volatile organic solvents in chemical manufacturing. During this process a lot of harmful chemical waste is generated which in turn affects the environment. Enzyme based Biocatalyst are being increasingly employed to improve and streamline chemical syntheses, increasing the demand for new and enhanced enzymes for application in these processes. As a result, novel enzymes continue to be discovered, from a wide variety of sources using different discovery methods. After a novel enzyme is discovered it is validated by performing wet lab experiments followed by analytical methods.

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At Quantumzyme we thrive to discover the commercially important enzymes with our in silico work.
After the novel enzyme is discovered we also carry out wet lab validation to confirm the finding of our in silico work.

Enzyme Engineering:

An important aspect of enzyme discovery is that the discovered enzyme may not fulfil the process requirements and need further refinement for industrial scale production. It is imperative that the discovered enzyme may have some inadequacies such as substrate/product inhibition, low stability or low activity which may limit the use of enzyme in industries. Enzyme engineering can thus be used as an approach which can tailor the enzymes for specific reactions.

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Quantumzyme has developed an in silico proprietary software QZyme WorkbenchTM that is capable of tackling several aspects of protein engineering. The advantage of this approach is that the computational method of protein engineering is fast, accurate, and less expensive compared to the conventional methods. We offer enzyme engineering services to our customers to improve the activity of an enzyme and create an ideal biocatalyst for the reaction. Quantumzyme has developed an in silico protocol QZyme WorkbenchTM that helps in computer aided enzyme engineering, effectively reducing the turnaround time while elevating the process efficiency. The QZyme WorkbenchTM facilitates the entire process of development from Identification to engineering and providing sequences that can be taken to the lab to perform experiments and scaled up for manufacturing. It uses proprietary algorithms, necessary to carry out substitutions of appropriate amino-acid residues that are instrumental in performing the biocatalytic reaction. Quantumzyme has worked on several enzyme engineering as well as enzyme discovery projects to fulfil the needs of the industry.

Wet lab validation:

As part of our enzyme discovery work once an enzyme is identified it is validated in lab. Novel enzyme discovery involves measurement of an enzyme activity on the desired substrate using whole cell or cell free based methodology. It looks elementary but involves significant need of skilled resources in the assay development and analysis to validate the activity of the discovered enzyme. This is a reason why Quantumzyme is one of the few companies which is taking the lead to make your experience seamless and providing the additional service of validation of the discovered enzyme.

Process Development:

Process development aims to improve the pre-existing production process or develop a new biocatalytic process to meet the manufacturing specifications. At Quantumzyme we ensure optimization of processes takes place efficiently to allow the development of commercially viable products. We meticulously establish and implement assay developments with the downstream processes in view. This ensures that our customers receive the best quality product in the industry at an affordable price.


Scale up is a process of conversion of the workflow from validation phase to the production scale. For example, production from one-litre flask to 60 litres and then to 1000 litres in a fermenter. It is an adaptation of the lab process scale to the industrial scale to get significant amount of quality product.

Industry Verticals

API Development

Lower yields, racemic mixture and metal catalysts are the common problems faced by pharma companies, which lead to high costs and economically unviable processes– for both innovators and generic players. Using QZyme WorkbenchTM, we have identified, engineered and validated several enzymes from the classes, enereductases, transaminases, keto-reductases to name a few. Quantumzyme has also developed novel Intellectual Property on its own molecules for products which are existing in the market.

Food Processing

Quantumzyme has identified different classes of enzymes for improvement of yield and maintaining the taste profile. The in silico designing of such classes has been verified for improved activity in the lab.

Textile Industry

Quantumzyme has developed a new class of enzymes for a variety of applications for the textile industry in the fields of bio polishing, texture and bio wash.

Flavour and Fragrance

QZyme WorkbenchTM has a unique functionality - QZyme PilotTM to discover new enzymes to improve yields and maintain the odour profile. Flavours & Fragrance industry faces challenges of low yield and high impurities leading to high cost and lower volumes. To overcome these critical challenges, QZyme PilotTM helps in identifying enzymes, which are not commercially available, provide freedom to operate (IP free) and engineer them to make them viable for industry use.

API Industry
Food Processing
Textile Industry
Flavour Fragnance Industry

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